How it works

1. Defining Your Goals

First thing's first. We need to define the purpose of your social media efforts!
Whether you're aiming for more sales (conversion) or wanting to broaden your brand awareness (reach), knowing exactly which problem needs to be solved will ensure that your investment was indeed an investment. Leaning about your business, brand and goals is essential for coming up with an effective solution to your problem while maintaining a consistent tone.

It's recommended to go into this with a long-term intention because in the world of social media, content which is consistent both in frequency and quality is the key to breaking into the algorithm and being seen by more customers from your target audience.

2. Strengthen Your Brand

With a content calendar in place, we will arrange a date to swing by and collect the required content every four weeks so we're covered for the month ahead. A consistent series of content will not only keep your business in the minds of your audience, but also strengthen your identity by creating a beautiful page that visitors would love to subscribe to!

Content services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • photography
  • video clips
  • copywriting
  • engagement
  • pre-scheduled posts
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